derbyTickets Border City Brawlers was formed in the summer of 2010 by a group of fearless females determined to bring the athleticism and excitement of roller derby to the city we love. We are a volunteer organization, committed to building our league from the ground up, “by the skaters, for the skaters.” We offer women of all ages the opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the league and our teams.

Our skaters are currently learning, practicing, training, and scrimmaging. We are always recruiting volunteers and if you want to be a derby girl or join our referee team, you can track our Fresh Meat intake details here.

We are also seeking sponsorship! Interest in roller derby is at an all time high, nationally and internationally, plus we need community support to make the league a success – it’s win-win! Please visit our sponsorship page for more information.

Resurrection – An Evening of Burlesque!

Burlesque Ad_BCBPromoSaturday, April 18, 2015
Venue Music Hall, 255 Ouellette Ave, Windsor
Doors open at 8:00 pm, Show starts at 9:00 pm

Tickets are available at:,
Hello Beautiful Custom Fashion & Bridal Boutique,
South Detroit Restaurant (beneath Venue Music Hall)

Be sure to visit Trackula and Lula to pick up your tickets for the season opener on April 25 as well as grab some Brawlers merch!

Practice Space Fundraiser


Click here to check out our fundraiser page!

We are the Border City Brawlers and we are looking for your support to keep our league rolling. Roller derby is the fastest growing sport for women and girls. BCB is a non-profit, volunteer run roller derby organization committed to competitive excellence, fitness, fun, friendship and entertaining fans!


Our Biggest Hurdle: SPACE!

We’re asking the community, our friends and our family to help fund our biggest expense: our practice and home game space.
Roller derby is played on a flat, even surface which requires us to rent space that can accomodate our skating track and game day equipment (approx 30x45m (98’x150′)).  Often practice space is scarce and we have to rent facilities that are too small, too large or poorly surfaced at premium rates. Players pay dues to skate and we fundraise,  solicit donations and collect admission to our home games to make up the difference and ensure that skaters from all economic backgrounds have access to this wonderful sport.
The Border City Brawlers have been in search of a permanent home in which to practice and host teams from around Canada and the United States in competition. Border City Brawlers is one of the 300-plus member leagues of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).


What your $$$$’s will DO:
1) Help with practice and game space rental fees
2) Help with insurance costs
3) A portion will be put aside specifically for our “HOME Fund” aka the Brawler Bunker. We are willing to partner with other organizations to find an adequate space that could be used YEAR round at an affordable cost. This money may be used to bring a potential facility up to standards with possible small renovations or additions of necessary features like heating, cooling, lighting or surfacing. Interested partners can contact us at
4) Assist us in developing our Junior Derby Program for girls aged 12-17

Your HELP will En$ure:
1) We keep rolling, progressing and achieving.
2) We get one step closer to getting a permanent space where we can run our league year-round and put on events such as open public skating (think Wheels), training camps, tournaments, community events, and share the venue with other sports needing indoor flat space.

Thank you for your time,
Love the Border City Brawlers



We’re looking for new recruits!

The Border City Brawlers are looking for some fresh meat to fill our rosters. Our intake only happens one to 2 times a year so if you are interested in learning all about derby, now is the time to get in touch!

The “Fresh Meat” training program includes skating instruction, rules knowledge, and provides assistance for selecting the right safety gear and skates, skate maintenance and more. Along with learning about flat track roller derby, Fresh Meat get to meet new people, and get a great cardio workout in the process. A $30 monthly fee covers the instruction, rental space, and gives recruits access to league operations. There is also an annual fee for insurance.

We are also accepting participants (teens, men, and women) to be trained as referees, volunteers, and non-skating officials. Anyone interested in those positions can also drop in to the information session.

Some skaters are ready for the full-contact sport in 5 to 6 months and there’s a fabulous 2Fresh tournament each summer just for new skaters!

Here’s what Swayzee Train had to say about her recent experience:

What stood out for me at 2 Fresh was the overwhelming sense of kinship and a strong emotional team connection. Even though I was nervous, excited, and a bit scared, I knew that we had each other’s backs the whole time. You can see even in our photos that we stuck together and worked as a team. I had full confidence in our (Windsor) A-Salt because I knew our coaches and trainers pulled all of their knowledge, experience and effort together to prepare us. Now that 2 Fresh is behind me, I want to sign up for every scrimmage that comes my way. Derby is addictive!

Women who are 18 and older and want to get involved with the Brawlers can send questions to or just drop in for the free information session Sunday, September 28, 2014, at Roseland Golf & Curling Club from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. (on the curling rink).

Candidates who would like to skate can bring safety gear and skates and use the rink during that time. The league will also hold a scrimmage following the meeting for candidates to see roller derby up close. Questions can be sent to

BCB Bio: Victor Won

BCB Announcer Victor Won

BCB Announcer Victor Won
Photo courtesy of Joe Mac / Midnight Matinee Photography

Victor Won

Real Name: Keith

How did you choose your name?
In my day job I routinely use the phonetic alphabet, with [V]ictor being one of the more common designations I refer to. So I chose Victor Won as it was something I figured I’d readily respond to, and because the double meaning of victor, as in winner, and won as the past tense of win.

When was your first live derby game watched? Announced?
The first live derby bout I watched was on September 26th 2010 at Riverside Arena in Livonia Michigan, and it was Detroit’s Motor City Dissassembly Line vs Kitchener’s Tri-City Thunder. It was a great bout, with Tri-City eventually winning 136 to 124. I certainly didn’t understand everything I saw, but from the suicide seats it was still amazing fun to watch.

The first bout that I announced was just shy of the 1 year anniversary from the first bout I saw live. It was the Border City Brawlers debut bout, August 20th 2011 at South Windsor Arena. It was the BCB’s 2 original teams the 519ers vs the Hiram Stalkers. The day went purple with the Stalkers taking the win 63 to 60. A great day of firsts.

What was your favourite game to announce? Why?
At the moment I have announced 78 bouts, and almost all of them would tie as my favourite.

What’s your most important tool as an announcer?
An easy to read, and accurate, printed roster. I have a spreadsheet laid out that presents the skater’s names & numbers in a personal format that I find very simple and easy to read. It’s great for referencing during bouts when often times I won’t recognize the skaters. After that a Sharpie to fill in the inevitable last minute changes at bout time is essential.

Why’s it easy? Why’s it hard?
I’ve had a lot of fun announcing, but I wouldn’t say I’ve ever found it easy. 3 years in I’m still learning new things I ought to be doing, or just as likely ought not to be doing, at every bout.

As for why it’s hard, tongue twisting derby names, rule changes, inaccurate rosters, skater injuries, score blowouts, and venue acoustic deficiencies are the primary causes of ulcers among announcers.

Do you have a derby hero (player, announcer, anyone)?
Be you’re own hero.

What derby name cracks you up?
My fave derby name is Scratcher In The Eye, from Rose City.

Is there anything better than a cat?
Cats are great. But dogs are too. In fact, most critters are great in their own way. But cats know it.