Border City Brawlers Roller Derby

Windsor's first and only flat track roller derby league.

True Fitness Charity Team Challenge


Last night a few of our skaters participated in a fitness challenge to benefit our local downtown mission. We were challenged both physically and mentally as we competed in several different events. We used our strength as team mates both on and off the track to push each other through every push up, squat and second of running (as skaters we're not much for running!).    We came out on top in the Fitness Jeopardy, and now we wait to see how we did overall. Special thanks to Wayne Bridge and Brawler's personal trainer Matt Wilkie for their support throughout the night.


The Fresh and The Furious

This past weekend our newest graduates along with some of the newer Canadian Clubbers and a few newly graduated Detroit friends participated in The Fresh and The Furious tournament in Toronto. This tournament brings together fresh meat teams from all over Southern Ontario, Michigan and even a team from Buffalo, NY. Skaters participating have less than one year of skating experience and may have only played in a handful of bouts, if any at all.

The A-Salt took the track with only 10 (a standard derby roster is 14) and fough hard during both bouts. They stuck it out through the heat and fatigue, staying calm, working as a team and executing their plays. In the end the A-Salt fell short to Les Quebecois 131-99, and TORD Vipers 115-31. These scores do not reflect how well the A-Salt played as a team with the odds stacked against us.

Action shots by Neil Gunner

A2D2 Training Camp

On Sunday we played host to Ann Arbor Brawlstars' Slamuel L Jackson and Just Wingett. They ran a great practice for us filled with effective jamming, blocking and hitting drills. To top off the night, they challenged us to an apex jump competition. All-Stars skater Leithal Weapon took the win! Check out the footage below.